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So lightweight it feels like a pair of socks. The Xero website says if you normally wear a 9.5 you should order a 10. Returned them for a 9.5 and they fit perfect.

The how do i approve bills on xero is secured onto your feet with a single ultra-comfortable tubular webbing, adjusted through rust-proof hardware. For a minimalist sandal like this, what you are really paying for is the sole. If my articles helped you, I ask for your support so I can continue to provide unbiased reviews and recommendations. Every cent donated through Patreon will go into improving the quality of this site. This site was designed to share my feedback on various pairs of cross-training shoes and for various pieces of men’s apparel.


The shoes seem a bit slippery at first since the sole is so flat and smooth – I literally almost fell when I tried them out – but the feeling goes away after a few steps. This might be because of the shape of my foot, or the way the straps are adjusted or the slight contour at the heel, or a combination of these three factors. I couldn’t quite put the finger on it or remedy it even after quite a bit of adjustment.

Best Barefoot Shoe Brands For Wider Feet

I feel somewhat like I am wearing big shoes with my tiny feet inside, but they accommodate my highly angled toes perfectly. Please make shoes that can fit the Egyptian foot. See photos for the fit of an Egyptian foot shape.

I’d already switched out most of my shoes for barefoot or minimalist versions, so with summer coming up, hiking sandals were next on my list. Xero shoes was founded in by husband and wife duo, Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix. Following an injury prone reintroduction into sprinting after a 30 year break, Steven was introduced to the concept of barefoot running. So, you want to make the shift to barefoot shoes full time, but you have no experience. For this case study, you can take your approach to adapt to barefoot shoes in multiple directions. In the case of barefoot shoes, this is the musculature of the feet and ankles.


It may measure a D, 3.5 width, on the outside of the sole, but not inside. The men’s shoe has a softer more playable material, and is about 1/2 inch bigger. The entire base is wider and more flexible, and the toe box is more generous in depth. The toe box accommodates toe movement and spread running up hills, and fits my big toe. Again, there is a cutout and rounding on the inside toe that is not good. The smaller interior hole size is great, except it sifts fines in between the meshes.

Get flexibility, traction and comfort with these lightweight minimalist hiking sandals. These are the best minimalist and barefoot hiking sandals that protect your feet while still allowing ground feel. I liken wearing barefoot shoes for the first time to learning a new exercise. The muscles supporting the new exercise you’re learning will need time to strengthen and adapt. You wouldn’t just take a maximal load on something like a back squat and do a high volume session on your first training day. You’d ease into it and train the muscles to adapt properly.

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If you’re thinking about investing in and wearing barefoot shoes for the first time, then you’ll want to take a calculated approach when wearing them. When wearing barefoot shoes and walking, you’ll want to assume a normal gait pattern that you would use when walking barefoot. You do not need to overanalyze your stride or change how you walk solely due to wearing barefoot shoes. In the world of strength training, companies like Xero Shoes and Vivobarefoot are helping to move the needle forward with their innovative models. I’ve published multiple reviews on their shoes and I’d highly suggest checking them out and starting there if you’re interested in buying barefoot shoes. They are uber flexible and have a better foot shape than any other adult minimalist rain boot currently available.

They are a great hybrid barefoot lifting and running shoe with a reasonable price range and a robust top design. However, there will be a small adjustment period if you’re used to supportive shoes. They’re simple to put on and take off, and the toe box gives them more space. With performance shoes you’re likely to wear thin socks, want that fully locked-in, second-skin feeling. Refer to the Vivobarefoot sizing chart when making your choice.

With these type of sandals, I was wondering what happens when you walk uphill and downhill. Aren’t the straps going to dig in especially when you walk downhill? I would imagine that the foot would be sliding forward in the sandal hance more strap pressure on it. I bought myself a few sandals a few years back.

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When I put on the sandal though, my feet were a perfect fit based on the size of the sole, but walking in it, my toes stuck out a little. I’ve been in the fitness and strength training industry for nearly a decade. In that time, I’ve trained hundreds of clients, written thousands of articles, reviewed over 100+ pairs of training shoes, and have produced a large list of training videos. I live and breathe fitness and training gear, and I think it’s important that reviewers walk the walk with the gear they’re testing.

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While I’ve only been using the Z-Trail for a few days so far, it has held up well for me. I’ll be sure to update this article on how well it holds up as I take it on my travels, so be sure to check back. When you unroll it, the sandal will not snap back to a flat state and remain slightly curved.

Of course, I can’t end this battle without mentioning the price. To be honest, Vivobarefoot shoes come in a little higher. Most of the time, they cost $40–50 more than the same Xero Shoes. Vivobarefoot shoes can be narrower towards the back of the shoe and broader in the front. I think you’ll like the Xero Shoes HFS if you’re new to barefoot running or want to try a barefoot-style shoe for lifting.

Step 1: Decide When You’ll Wear Your Barefoot Shoes

For these sessions, use your best judgement and try to spread them out. If you’re getting excessively sore after your barefoot running sessions, then it might be a good idea to scale back or spread training sessions far apart. Some of you may cringe, but his originals have never been cleaned.


Access this link after you add an item to your cart to have the coupon applied. I had the chance to wear them when I visited again after two years. On my second wear, unfortunately the plastic hardware that joins the back strap together has broken off. Since it didn’t look like there was an easy way to fix it, I opt to take it out on the other side and use it as a slipper.

I also cover various use-cases like sizing for athletic performance, sizing for hiking, and sizing for casual use. Shamma Sandals is a family-owned business that operates out of a small workshop in California’s Santa Cruz mountains. Our staff is dedicated to giving the best quotes for every specific departmental need. With over a decade of experience, our team is more than qualified to deliver excellent service. If you are pregnant and you want to join any of programs, none of the information provided in any of our courses or services is meant to replace professional medical advice.

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The Mountain Goats offer the thickest sole at 11mm-12mm, though that’s still incredibly thin compared to most hiking sandals. Earth Runners has a large and fervent fan base– but to be honest, I found them pretty uncomfortable at first. That was mainly because I opted for the performance laces, which are thicker and more wiry. If these are your first pair of Earth Runners, opt for the softer lifestyle laces.

Width often refers to the width of the rather than the entire shoe, so bear this in mind when researching. Draw around your foot with a pencil aiming to keep the pencil upright and against your foot the entire time. A foot tracing is the most common way to measure but also the least accurate. Remove your foot, mark the position of the book and then measure the distance from the mark to the edge of the page. Measure foot width the same way but instead of sliding the heel back against the wall, slide the outside of your foot there. Measure foot length by placing a heavy book where your longest toe ends.

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