Scaling Blockchains: What Are Layer 2 Solutions And Interoperable Chains?

This is enormously difficult and poses significant technological challenges. Rollups are layer 2 scaling solutions that perform transaction operations off the main Ethereum blockchain, but still post the transaction data onto layer 1. Considering the transaction data is on layer 1, rollups are secured by the same layer 1 security measures. Payment channels where thousands […]

Buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card Instantly

You can buy, sell, or withdraw your crypto whenever you want. You can buy all of the top cryptocurrencies with BitPay. BitPay does not limit the amount of crypto you can buy through our app. However, our partners Simplex and Wyre may impose daily transaction limits that vary by purchasing currency. Start with little as […]

Simply the best Algorand wallet

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BTC USD Chart Live Bitcoin to US Dollar Price

On May 7, Colonial Pipeline was the victim of a highly publicized ransomware attack resulting in the company taking portions of its infrastructure out of operation. Colonial Pipeline reported to the FBI that its computer network was accessed by an organization named DarkSide and that it had received and paid a ransom demand for approximately […]

What was the price of Ethereum at launching?

For example, Ethereum’s adoption in the smart contract space has fueled speculation by traders that the cryptocurrency is better poised than Bitcoin for mainstream adoption in the near future. Since its XRP launch, ETH has produced returns that have exceeded those of Bitcoin. The widely tracked ratio measures ether’s market capitalization in relation to the […]