If that adorable complete stranger at your friend’s housewarming celebration lets you know he’s a neurologist, do not create him off as “too smart” or “as well busy” for really love. (truly, could there be such a thing as “too wise”? Minds are stunning.) Supply the guy chances.

Listed below are 15 reasons to date a neurologist:

1. Neurologists are “brainy.” Wise is sensuous. So might be puns.

2. Unlike that time you dated a stand-up comedian, your own go out’s career will impress both everyone and your moms and dads.

3. Fed up with matchmaking deadbeats whom cannot pay their unique means? Neurologists make an excellent living, and most have actually task security.

4. Neurologists are doing whatever they like. Required many schooling — generally a four-year undergrad, four-year health amount, and three-year residency — becoming a neurologist. Thus just can be your date super-smart and determined, he/she is most likely working in the field deliberately.

5. Neurologists tend to be ambitious. See #4.

6. While the work tends to be demanding, changes are usually more sensible than other doctors’.

7. Even when several hours do get insane, remember that the date could have as much as six weeks of getaway time.

8. Believe the stats: Relating to a MedScape life Report, neurologists are least probably of all doctors to get separated.

9. Neurologists are trying to do vital, challenging and rewarding work. They truly are proud of the things they’re doing.

10. Your own go out are capable of life’s tough material. Neurologists are usually working with difficult situations and splitting sad development their clients.

11. Neurologists invest their own days attempting to help folks, ideally alleviating discomfort and healing neurologic conditions.

12. Desire some body with a great “bedside fashion”? Your own day is likely able to speak complex things demonstrably and tragic things compassionately.

13. Neurologists are interesting, consistently involved with research. They would like to know how circumstances work.

14. Wish to learn how your head really works? Simply ask. Relevant: the go out is going to be empathetic if you terminate as a result of a migraine.

15. Neurologists are superb problem-solvers. Unanswered questions are a challenge, perhaps not a stumbling block.

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